Talk Like TED: Creating a Dynamic Presentation

“Ideas are the currency of the 21st Century,” says Carmine Gallo in his bestselling book Talk Like TED.

For nonprofit organizations and small businesses to reach their maximum potential, they must be able to communicate their ideas and tell their stories in ways that capture the attention of partners, donors, volunteers, and the public.

Do you ever wonder what “IT” is that makes a presentation stand out and resonate within you?

There are actual studies that show how the human brain works and assimilates information. There are also defined boundaries in “TED-World”; ones that help deliver a memorable and impactful message.  The concept of the TED Talk addresses this.  Participants in this session will learn many the of the public speaking strategies outlined in the book and practice the skills necessary to deliver memorable, effective, and “jaw-dropping” presentations.

Attendees will:

  • Dissect a real Ted-style talk and gain the understanding of how & why it works.
  • Learn how to identify and define your focused ideas.
  • Create an outline/framework from which to develop your own messaging in TED-style to impact the organization, business or causes you care about.

Join CNL and presenter, Janice Dunn, to find out what a TED talk is and how you can create and deliver one of your own!

Part of this CNL presentation will be given “workshop” style, which means there will be interaction and collaborative work.

Suggested Participants: Anyone who communicates on behalf of an organization or business
Date and Time: October 13, 2017 – 8:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Seventh Day Adventist Church,  2889 Osborne Hill Rd, Grass Valley (off Hwy 174)

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors:

The Lee & Dunn Group

Doug Summers