Sector Share: The Six Essential Ingredients for Good Governance

See a description of the six ingredients below and a supporting link(s) for each.

Board Meetings:
As the boardroom is the formal place where the board acts on its authority, a focused, well planned, and effectively executed meeting is the crux of decision making.

Strategic Board Meetings
Board Meeting Preparation

Strategic Planning:
The strategic planning process charts a future course and then drives the actions that move the organization forward. It informs the  board’s structures, aligning committees and task forces with strategic objectives and shaping their work, timetables, and checkpoints. And it guides the leadership prospecting process.

Elements of a Strategic Plan

Streamlined Structure:
When aligned with the strategic priorities of the organization, an efficient structure allows board and staff to apply their skills in concert to fulfill the mission.

Nonprofit Board Structure
Nonprofit Board Committee Membership

The Composition of the Board and Staff:
With the right people in the right positions, working on the right mission, success is within reach.

Board Recruitment: Are you focusing on the right things?
Taking Action on Board Diversity

The Leadership of the Board and the Organization:
Look at any high-performing organization and you will find it led by a board chair and chief executive committed to a constructive partnership built on a shared understanding of mission and vision; reciprocal communication; and mutual respect, trust, and support for each other and the partnership.

Board Chair & Chief Executive Partnership

The Mission:
A clear, concise, and compelling mission unifies and motivates the board and staff to achieve meaningful results.

Tips for Developing or Revising Your Mission Statement
Mission vs. Vision