Acres of Hope

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Shayna Verchio, 25, of Bradenton, with her 4-year-old daughter, MacKenzie, and 1-year-old son, Jaylen. Photo by Abby Weingarten

Founded: 2005

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Acres of Hope is a spiritually based renewal center serving homeless women with children by providing them with a home and an environment of structured programming. Located in the beautiful Sierra Foothills, Acres of Hope’s unique approach allows residents to live onsite for up to two years while staff and volunteers invest heavily in their lives by providing encouragement, practical life-skills training, job skills, mentoring and spiritual direction.

Recidivism rates among the homeless are high and we want to reduce re-occurring homelessness through a balanced approach that addresses the needs of the whole person. A balanced approach looks at the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our residents and includes a heart of acceptance with accountability, and extending grace with guidance.

Private individual donors, community organizations, churches, corporate and private foundation grants, and revenues from the resale of donated items at the ReNew Stores in Roseville support Acres of Hope.

How we have benefited from being a member of CNL:
We benefit from the expanded awareness and networking, resources and expertise that CNL provides.

Success Story:
Since 2005, Acres of Hope has served more than 100 women and 250 children. Many different types of programs are necessary to meet the challenges of homelessness in any given community. Some program address emergency needs while other programs address specific issues. The focus of Acres of Hope is to address the whole person from the inside outward. The core issues that lead to their homelessness cannot be unraveled in 6-month program. For that reason our program takes a long-term, personally invested approach to bring stability and healing to each family.