FREED Center for Independent Living

CNL Member since 2003

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Stroll and Roll

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Founded:  August 1985

FREED Vision Statement: Our vision is that people with disabilities live in a barrier-free community where they enjoy the same opportunities afforded every citizen.  

Various Grants from County, State and Federal funding sources and foundations, as well as donations, fundraising events and United Way.

How we have benefited from being a member of CNL:  
Board and Staff members have participated in trainings and workshops provided by CNL. CNL has provided the opportunity for collaboration with other organizations serving individuals with disabilities. 

Freed Success Story:
During 2012, 15 people were supported by FREED to move out of institutions such as nursing homes back to community living.  One example of this type of success is a woman in her mid 60s who had lived in a local nursing home for almost 5 years.  By all accounts, her family and others expected her to continue living in the nursing home forever-they felt she was “safer” there.  After a short time living in institutions, people tend to lose their sense of self determination & independent living skills, since everything is done for them. 

This woman was highly motivated to move back to community living, but had no family support for this plan and had lost her independent living skills.  With FREED’s support in the form of staff time, and financial resources from federal and state transition programs, she was assisted to return to community living and get set up in an apartment.  She benefited from all of FREED’s services: including the assistive technology programs (such as medication management device and safety rails), installation of grab bars, access to a computer, and had a Friendly Visitor volunteer assigned to her for a weekly visit. 

In her first weeks out of the institution, she would call FREED twice a day for support;  as the weeks and months passed, she gradually regained her independent living skills and now manages her own life completely including medication, in-home support services, and transportation.  She calls FREED occasionally to check in, or comes to FREED on Telecare to use the computer.  She herself has now become a Friendly Visitor volunteer to visit someone else! This is a wonderful success story, from two angles:  one is that the sum total of monetary resources used to enhance her independent living skills, and supply the cost of ongoing subsidized housing and in-home supportive services is a fraction of the cost of continuing to live in a nursing home. And secondly, her quality of life, and sense of independence and self-determination has increased, making this a win-win situation.