Hospitality House

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Open House for Utah's Place/Hospitality House

Open House for Utah’s Place/Hospitality House

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Founded: 2005

Our Mission:
The mission of Hospitality House is to provide the homeless with a compassionate place of rest, sustenance, dignity and hope.

We do this by:

  • providing pathways to independence;
  • providing temporary, overnight housing/shelter;
  • partnering with faith communities, social service agencies, and the general public;
  • fostering dignity; providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support;
  • serving all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, family status, or disability;
  • advocating for low income housing; supporting those who seek permanent housing; serving Nevada County.

Our Core Organizational Values:

A Family Meal

A Family Meal

Home is where the hearts is. Because we all long for warmth, comfort, and safety, few losses strike more deeply into our lives than the loss of home. At Hospitality House, our hearts are with the homeless. 

  • We show compassionate behavior toward all people at all times.
  • We work supportively with one another in a spirit of mutual appreciation for talents and abilities.
  • We dedicate ourselves to the mission of the organization, manifesting in practical actions that turn short-and long-term goals into realities.
  • We practice careful, sincere, and respectful listening that leads to mutual understanding, consensus building, and organizational stability.
  • We strive for the courage and integrity to uphold the civil rights of all, even when doing so may offend those who are opposed to upholding such rights.
  • We practice competent decision making in all areas that sustain the organization over time.
  • We participate in extensive community involvement in a spirit of radical inclusiveness.


  • Local donors
  • Local Volunteers – 28 Faith Communities, Local Citizens
  • Federal and state grants
  • Fundraising Events

How we have benefited from being a member of CNL:
CNL provides a variety of relevant training and networking opportunities for staff and board members.

How our organization has benefited the community:
Studies have shown that the average person who is chronically homeless accesses $35,000-$150,000 per year in public services. By providingHHouse early crisis intervention and individualized case management, Hospitality House benefits our community by reducing the number of people who wind up in jail (costing an average of $145.00 per night), reducing visits to the hospital emergency room (costing an average of $3000 per visit), reducing dependence on public assistance programs, and reducing calls for service from law enforcement. 

The State now requires that cities and counties create zoning for emergency shelters and leverages infrastructure funds to ensure a community adequately provides for its homeless people.  Hospitality House meets the need for local municipalities as the only emergency overnight homeless shelter in Nevada County.

 For those who don’t seek Hospitality House’s services, we have an outreach program.   The Homeless Outreach Program utilizes outreach case managers to go to where the homeless are in Nevada County and attempt to build connections and trust, help individuals receive benefits they are entitled to, secure stable housing, and connect with needed services.

Local law enforcement agencies, service agencies and concerned community members can call upon the outreach case managers to request contact be made with homeless persons in a neighborhood or shopping areas. 

Most recently, in a unified response to the escalating problems facing homeless people in our community, Hospitality House, in partnership with the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department and the Grass Valley Police Department, has created a Street Outreach Response Team designed to meet both the critical needs of homeless people, and also to address the concerns of community members whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by the growing number of homeless citizens in Grass Valley.

Hospitality House also recently partnered with Nevada City Police Department to establish a permitted camping process for homeless individuals.