Jane Calbreath

CNL Member since  2015

Contact Email:  jane.calbreath@gmail.com

Member since 2015

Organization Name: Collaborative Solutions Consulting

Founded: 1999

Purpose: To establish healthy, effective, sustainable nonprofits

Funding: Fees (or exchange) for service

Clients Served: The Greenwood School, Spring Hill Montessori, Satyana Institute, Gender Reconciliation International, Womb Matrix Healing, Bioengergy Balancing Center, Cohousing Association of the US. Mission: To empower solutions for a New World with a focus on healing and uplifting women.

How I have benefited  from being a member of CNL: I appreciate the networking opportunities and the workshops for board members. I value the collaborative environment that CNL provides for nonprofits. We are in this together!

Success Story:  Being new to the area, I am showing up wherever I see opportunities to meet and understand the Nevada City/Grass Valley nonprofit community.

I recently participated with the national Cohousing Association as a board member and volunteer at their national conference in Durham, North Carolina, where 440 people attended with great sharing, learning and celebration.