Leadership Seminar Series

Ultimately, leadership development is self-development. Musicians have their instruments. Engineers have their computers. Accountants have their calculators. Leaders have themselves. They are their own instruments ~Kouzes and Posner

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership offers a special seminar series for members, which is focused on organizational leadership.

The 2012 series, “Leading Together: the Board President-Executive Director Team,” will be led by a group of experts in all aspects of nonprofit organization.

The series is open to 11 Board President-Executive Director teams. The format begins with an August orientation followed by six, three-hour monthly sessions from September 2012 through February 2013.

Why A Team Emphasis?
The existence of dynamic and high-performing nonprofit Boards can always be traced to effective leadership provided by the Board President and the Executive Director. Although these officers have different roles and bring different influences to their respective tasks, their work together is the secret to continuing Board success.

Why a Leadership Focus?
Board Presidents and Executive Directors are expected to be leaders rather than managers. While management is a part of leadership, the abiding requirement for both the Board President and the Executive Director is to provide leadership and engage in self-improvement to strengthen it.

Why A Seminar?
The seminar format encourages discussion and learning from each other, and actively engages participants in the learning process.

The CNL series focuses on the continuing development of the Board President, the Executive Director and their work together as a team, and the lessons they bring back to their organization.

To see a detailed description of each seminar and to download the application, please click here.

Managers are people who do things right … Leaders are people who do the right thing.¬† ~Warren Bennis