Miners Foundry Cultural Center  

CNL Member since 2003

Visit Website:  minersfoundry.org

Contact email:  Gretchen Bond, Executive Director – gretchen@minersfoundry.org

Founded:  1990

Our Mission:
To preserve, enhance and utilize the historic Miners Foundry to promote historic, cultural, social, and educational activities in Nevada County. 

Rental income,ticket sales and Donations

How CNL has helped our organization:
Through CNL’s board education workshops, financial workshops, executive director/board president training, executive director seminars. 

How our organization has benefited the community?
Miners Foundry provides educational outreach programming, is the largest venue for non-profit fundraisers, and is the only real community center in Nevada County.   A true community cultural center and museum, our audience is incredibly varied and broad, serving music lovers of every genre, plus art and theater aficionados, and those looking for a rustic, elegant, venue for their wedding or private event. The people of Nevada County and surrounding areas, including the Bay area, Southern California, and Nevada make up the more than 50,000  visitors that the Foundry serves  annually.