Music in the Mountains

CNL Member since 2005

Founded: 1982

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Music in the Mountains inspires and connects people of all ages through extraordinary classical music performances, community engagement, and music education.     

To inspire and connect community members of all ages by providing access to extraordinary classical music through education and performance.

Earned and contributed income mix.  We are blessed to have a veritable army of volunteers through MIMA, the Music in the Mountains Alliance.  Each year, they raise 15% of our overall budget through special activities and events, which are listed on our website.  

How CNL has helped our organization:
CNL is doing a fantastic job with educating both the broad community about the needs and issues of non-profits as well as the deeper work of sustaining the individuals who work in the field.  Most recently, CNL’s Board training series is proving to be invaluable to our newer Board members.