Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County

CNL Member since 2005

BBBS - Joseph and Dave

Big Brother, Dave Allstot, with Little Brother Joseph when first matched in 2004

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Founded: 1981

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County makes a positive difference in the lives of children and youth in our region through a professionally-supported, one-to-one relationship with a caring and responsible individual. These mentors offer support to children’s growth and development through nurturing relationships, contributing to better schools, brighter futures and a stronger community for all.

Big Brother, Dave Allstot, with Little Brother Joseph now as they graduated from the program

Big Brother, Dave Allstot, with Little Brother Joseph now as they graduated from the program

We provide successful mentoring relationships to children who want and need them, contributing to better schools, brighter futures, and a stronger community for all.

All funds are raised locally; we receive no funding from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and in fact pay them 3% of our revenue annually in affiliate fees. We raise our funds through events, donations, and grants.

Clients Served:
At-risk children and youth ages 6-18 in Nevada County and North Lake Tahoe. These children are typically from low-income, single-parent families and are struggling in school academically, behaviorally, and/or socially.

How CNL has helped our organization:
The Executive Director has benefited greatly from all of the professional development and networking that CNL provides. This was her first Executive Director position, so CNL helped clarify her role, the role of the Board of Directors, and how the two partner together for the success of the agency. Members of the Board of Directors have also benefited by clarifying their role and how to better govern the agency overall. They have attended specific workshops on fund development and finance and have adopted many of the practices they have learned.

Will & Forrest – Then and Now

Alan & Ed – Then and Now

A Big Brothers Big Sisters Success Story:
Our biggest success is that all of the children that have aged out of our mentoring program at the age of 18 have graduated from high school and pursued a career or higher education. We also demonstrate a positive impact on children who stay in our programs for a year or longer in that they improve their grades and performance in school, stay out of trouble at school and with the law, and develop healthier, more successful relationships with their parents, peers, and other adults. This ultimately benefits our community by helping children develop into productive citizens that contribute to the community rather than drain resources from the community.