Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation

CNL Member Since 2005

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital at Sunset

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital at Sunset

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Founded: 1984

To nurture the spirit of generosity and volunteerism of the community, we focus our philanthropic efforts in fostering quality healthcare of the highest standards for Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital (SNMH).

Raise funds for Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital to improve the health of our community.

SNMH Foundation is funded through an operating grant.

Clients Served:
SNMH Foundation’s mission is to serve Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and the patients that need care. To this end, we touch thousands of lives every year. We also interact with 3000+ donors by helping them experience the impact of their support. Donors appreciate the power of their giving as quality care that comes back full circle.

How CNL has helped our Organization:
CNL workshops offer cost effective, high quality training for our board and staff that would not be possible otherwise. We have put many best practices into place and have learned many new processes and techniques. However, that reflects only one area of CNL’s impact. Our involvement has also provided many opportunities for networking and collaborating that has been very beneficial. And now through the website we will have access to information on many important topics without having to search on our own.

How our organization has benefited the community:
Today more than ever hospitals need community support to ensure the very best care for their residents. We are proud that through our community’s efforts every day 300-500 people utilize the SNMH Diagnostic Imaging Center. Every year the Cancer Center handles over 20,000 patient visits. Annually, 30,000+ patients need emergency care. For those in need of car for a stroke, heart attack, cancer diagnosis, mammogram and breast services, in need of a blood draw, or you are in need wellness classes then Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital is here to serve you. SNMH Foundation works with the community to make sure our Hospital is ahead of the curve, yet just around the corner.