Sierra Harvest

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Sierra HrvstFounded: 2007

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Sierra Harvest’s mission is to educate, inspire and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal foods  

Sierra Harvest educates, inspires and connects Nevada County Families to fresh, local, seasonal food.

Government grants, Foundations, Businesses, Individuals  

How CNL has helped our organization:
CNL gives us the opportunity to be connected to other successful nonprofits working with similar issues and goals in our own community.  We love the chance to network, collaborate and learn from each other.  

How our organization has benefited the community: 
We live in a healthier community because of the work of Sierra Harvest.  Developing farmers to grow food in sustainable ways allows our community to feel better and spend our dollars locally.  Educating over 6000 children on where their food comes from and how to eat locally and seasonally will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  Teaching people how to grow a portion of their own food creates a community that is more vibrant and self-sufficient.  Sierra Harvest gives our community a place, time and reason to connect around local food that improves the health and well being of everyone.