Sierra Roots

CNL Member since 2013

Sierra Roots 1Founded:  2013

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Sierra Root’s mission is to provide access to fertile land, organic farming and food, related education, and healthy housing for American Veterans, Native Americans and local residents who are unsheltered. We collaborate and coordinate with local government, other nonprofits and the business sector.

Private donations, foundation grants and community events.  At this time we are in the beginning process of putting together a strategic fundraising plan for next year. We are researching and applying for grants and we encourage those who want to help us build the village to visit our website, to become a donor and/or a volunteer.

How CNL has helped our organization:
Our board members have taken advantage of the excellent classes provided by CNL in funding strategies, board development and how to keep a board working for the purpose of the mission.  Sierra Roots depends on CNL for guidance and mediation, retreat days and classes that help us continue in a sustainable and professional way. Thank you, CNL.