United Way of Nevada County

CNL Member since 2008

United Way Board of Directors and Executive Director

Founded: 1982

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To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power or our community.

Individual donations from our generous community, along with employee payroll workplace giving and corporate gifts are the primary sources of funding. UWNC also hold numerous small fundraisers, and an annual BBQ/car show “Grills ‘n’ Grilles event in August.

How we have benefited from being a member of CNL:
The workshops have proven to be very beneficial to our board members and our Executive Director.

Success Story:
United Way of Nevada County is constantly analyzing where the biggest needs are in Nevada County. Once those needs and gaps have been discovered, the UWNC Community Impact Committee works on the best way to fill those gaps.
One gap the Community Impact Committee discovered over the past year is the need to help the struggling poor in Nevada County receive food during hours that they are at work.

These community members are people that are just struggling to get by. They are constantly dealing with increased rent, increased childcare and increased health care costs. In a report done by the United Ways of California, 4561 households in Nevada County are living below Real Cost measures. Real Cost Measures are measures that estimate the income that is needed to meet the basic needs for a given household type in a community. Food, Housing, Health Care, Transportation, Childcare, and Taxes are all taken into consideration when looking at the Real Cost measures.

Community members that are working and just struggling to get by, that can hardly make rent or pay childcare costs, occasionally need to pick up food from the local distribution agencies. Currently in Nevada County, food is only distributed Monday – Friday during working hours, when working people may not have time to pick up food. United Way has been analyzing and looking at how to fill this gap and is in the planning stages for a UWNC program that would distribute food on Saturdays. Through the collaborative efforts of the United Way community Impact Committee and Interfaith Food Ministry this program could come into fruition in the spring of 2017. Currently collaborations and discussions are happening around the County to help make this a reality. “It is a pivotal time at United Way as we look at starting a program that could have a very big impact on helping to feed those households that are struggling to get by here in Nevada County.” said Megan Timpany, Executive Director of United Way of Nevada County.