Fee Structure

Fee Structure and Payment

Center for Nonprofit Leadership Member Organization:    $75 per hour

Non-member Organization:   $125 per hour

When considering what fees to charge for services, the Center for Nonprofit Leadership Board of Directors struck a balance between the minimum rate for which consultants and coaches are willing to work and the ability of most nonprofit organizations to afford services. Coaches and consultants are independent contractors and can accept – or reject – an assignment with an organization.

Payment is made to the individual or team of coaches or consultants, who will donate 15 percent of their total fee for any assignment to the Center for Nonprofit Leadership to be used to fund the Center’s general operating expenses including the Network. If the coach/consultant is a member of the CNL Board of Directors, all fees are paid directly to CNL. The Board member provides the services on a pro bono basis to the Center.


If grant funding is secured, scholarship assistance will be available to CNL member organizations having annual budgets of less than $100,000. In each instance, the CNL Executive Committee has the final authority to make grant determinations.

Those member organizations qualifying for scholarship assistance will share in the hourly cost of coaching or consulting according to the following schedule:

  • Annual budget of $49,999 or less, co-payment of $12
  • Annual budget of $50,000-$64,999, co-payment of $22
  • Annual budget of $65,000-$79,999, co-payment of $32
  • Annual budget of $80,000-$99,999, co-payment of $44

When available, coaching or consulting scholarship assistance for eligible CNL member organizations will not exceed $1,000 per year.

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