Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County

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A Nonprofit Success Story: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County

Every year, we assess the impact that our mentoring programs have on the children served. We find year after year that our programs improve participating children’s self-confidence, performance in school, sense of the future, ability to avoid delinquency, and their relationships with parents, other adults, and peers.

We also know from decades of research on mentoring that mentoring is viewed as a developmental asset; children who have at least one positive adult role model in their lives are more likely to overcome life’s obstacles. The more positive adults that children have in their lives, the more resilient they become. Specifically, studies show that when given a suitable mentor in a well-designed mentoring program like the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, children have a greater chance of avoiding a potential life of crime and personal devastation due to drug abuse, poor self-esteem, school failure, and poor relationships with peers and adults. The impact this has on the community is exponential, by not only saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing those children from entering into the juvenile justice system, but by helping them grow into healthy adults that contribute positively to the communities in which they live.

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