Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation

CNL strengthens and sustains local nonprofit organizations that enrich our community.

A Nonprofit Success Story: Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit community hospital located in Grass Valley, California. SNMH Foundation’s mission is “To nurture the spirit of generosity and volunteerism of the community, we focus our philanthropic efforts in fostering quality healthcare of the highest standards for Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.”

After attending the Center for Nonprofit Leadership’s seminar on successful volunteer engagement, we went back to the drawing board on how we utilize our volunteers. We created a volunteer profile form that allowed us to get to know more about our volunteers to make sure we had them in the right jobs for their interest and skill level. By getting to know our volunteers better, we have been able to engage them in a more meaningful way and increase their commitment to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Participating in this CNL workshop has helped our organization be more efficient and effective through the proper utilization of our volunteers. Becoming better stewards of our volunteers has not only increased our volunteer hours but volunteer giving has also increased. From 2008 to 2009 volunteer giving increased 23%!