Welcome Home Vets, Inc.

CNL Member since 2010

Visit website:  welcomehomevets.org

Contact Email:  info@welcomehomevets.org

Facebook:  WelcomeHomeVets

Founded: 2009 

Provide mental health services and advocacy for veterans and their family members as well as promote community awareness of veterans’ issues.

Nevada County Behavioral Health MHSA funding; donations; fundraisers. 

How we have benefited from being a member of CNL:
Primarily through being able to develop relationships with other nonprofit  organizations in the area.  Also, educational presentations have been essential to developing and growing the organization, since we are an all-volunteer organization and no one has previous nonprofit experience.

How our organization has benefitted the community:

Welcome Home Vets has benefitted the community by providing ongoing treatment of PTSD for veterans and their family members.  Untreated, veterans with PTSD have a higher than normal rate for using emergency medical services, psychiatric hospitalization, arrest and incarceration, divorce, domestic abuse, unemployment , and suicide.  We have had very low rates for any of these issues in veterans we have served.