CNL Workshop Series for 2012

Workshop #1: Ambassador, Advocate, Asker: Engaging Everyone in Fund Development!

How can you engage your entire organization – staff, volunteers, and Board – to take an active role in donor development and fundraising? How can you achieve better results even in difficult economic times? In this workshop, world-renowned development  consultant Kay Sprinkel Grace will stimulate new thinking and guide participants through her “AAA” program for engaging everyone in your organization as an Ambassador,  Advocate, or Asker.  AAA is an easy-to-implement tool that helps everyone take a greater role in resource development and achieve results beyond fundraising.  Join nonprofit organizations worldwide that are implementing this dynamic program, as outlined in Grace’s book “The AAA Way to Fundraising Success.”
Friday,  February 3, 2012 (full day)

Workshop #2: Slides and Ladders: Navigating Predictable Crises in the Nonprofit World

Does your day sometimes feel like a game of Chutes and Ladders?  One minute you are celebrating a great success, only to be hit by a crisis the next.  Let’s face it, “chutes” happen.

Gail Johnson Vaughan, sought after international trainer, will walk participants through these predictable crises to build an understanding of each stage and why it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the movement from stage to stage.  The workshop will help reframe the crisis of the moment as a sign of success at the previous stage – a milestone signaling a need to make the necessary adjustments to be successful as you move up the developmental ladder.  Participants will also learn how to anticipate and prepare for these milestones, easing the transition.  As a learning tool, attendees will get to play a new board game designed specifically for this workshop.
Friday, March 9, 2012 (half day)

Workshop #3: Turning Technology to Advantage

Your nonprofit can use all of the supporters it can get, but how can you use technology, including social and digital media, to improve operations, better engage stakeholders and attract the next generation?  What challenges and possibilities does technology pose in the future of your nonprofit?

In the first half of this workshop, John Kenyon, nationally recognized social media and nonprofit networking guru, will share anecdotes and lessons learned from his 20+ years helping nonprofits with an eye on what the future holds.  Bring your laptops for the second half of the workshop where local communications and social media expert Jesse Locks will help you put your new knowledge to use. Paul Minicucci, Executive Director of the Nevada County Digital Media Center, shows us the power of video, and how to use digital media to broaden the dialogue with stakeholders.
Friday,  April 13, 2012 (full day)

Workshop #4: Creating the Dream Team: How to Build an (Almost) Perfect Board

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to highly effective Board members for nonprofit organizations.  Focus on recruiting the leadership you need based on your organization’s priorities. Join Patrick Bell, regional organizational development coach and consultant, and learn how to make the most of Board members’ skills and talents, transform individual Board members into a collaborative team and improve relationships between Board members and staff/volunteers.  This workshop is designed for nonprofits of all sizes and stages of development and provides the opportunity to tailor an approach for your organization.
Friday,  May 11, 2012 (half day) 

Workshop #5: Volunteers, Your Best Asset: Catch ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

Baby boomers and generations that follow are seeking new ways to use their skills and experience to make a difference in their communities. Multiple studies have shown that Boomers’ interests in volunteerism are vastly different from those of current “senior volunteers.” Gen X and Millennial volunteer interests are similar to those of Boomers, with a few “twists.”

In this workshop, Carla Lehn, CA State Library volunteerism maven, will provide tools, techniques, resources and models for volunteer engagement – how to start or  “re-tool” a volunteer program that will not only capture the talents of these volunteers, but will reap the benefits of their ongoing support for the organization that comes from having them meaningfully engaged.
Friday,  June 1, 2012 (full day)

Workshop #6: Next Generation Organizations: 9 Key Traits

The nonprofit sector is experiencing a unique moment of transition stemming from both external demands and internal dynamics.  These changes demand that we manage our organizations in profoundly different ways than we have in the past: leading differently, restructuring, and adapting to remain viable and relevant. Based on CompassPoint’s Senior Project Director, Marla Cornelius’ co-authored study, Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out, this workshop will explore the major trends and environmental influences that are the source of these demands and discuss what new approaches  “the next generation nonprofit organization” might use to get ahead of the curve.
Friday,  September 28, 2012 (half day)

Workshop #7: There Must Be an Easier Way: Tools and Tricks of Effective Leadership

Sometimes there has to be an easier way!  This workshop will provide effective tools and tricks compiled by “in the know” nonprofit leaders.  Participants will work through some fun exercises and scenarios aimed at common nonprofit issues ranging from evaluation of your stewardship model to simplifying project development and management. If you are always wondering “How do they do that?” – join us for a little insider trading.

This workshop will be lead by Karen Marinovich, CNL Board Member and local nonprofit advocate and coach.
Friday,  October 26, 2012 (half day)

Workshop Locations and Details

  • All workshops will be held in Wesley Hall at the United Methodist Church, 236 S. Church, Grass Valley
  • All workshops will start at 8:30am with registration and breakfast beginning at 8:00am
  • Half day workshops include continental breakfast
  • Full day workshops include continental breakfast and lunch

Workshop Fees for 2012

Full day workshops: $125 for CNL members and $150 for non-members
Half day workshops: $50 for members and $60 for non-members 
All seven workshops: $575 for members (see Season Pass info for significant discounts) and $690 for non-members