The Center for Nonprofit Leadership

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership (CNL) is a resource center for organizations and individuals in Nevada County and the Sierra Nevada region of California. Founded in 2003 as a catalyst to strengthen and sustain local nonprofit organizations, CNL focuses on “best practice” workshops, executive leadership seminars, on-site coaching and mentoring, and public advocacy.


Volunteers: Recruit, Train and Retain

Does your organization use volunteers?  Do you think you should?  Volunteers can maximize your organization’s impact and most often, touch every aspect of your mission. Join CNL for this interactive workshop to learn how to recruit, train, and retain your volunteers from the people in our community who do it best. Miriam Limov from Sierra […]

Design Thinking – The Perfect Partner for Philanthropy

Design Thinking, born in the corporate innovation world, has come to the nonprofit sector! Design Thinking is a user-centered approach, drawing upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. Join CNL and internationally renowned speaker, Kay Sprinkel Grace for this full day workshop where we ask:   Are we solving […]

Building a Major Gift Program and Getting to the Ask

It is said that success in fundraising relies on the Five R’S of Asking for a Gift: The Right person asking the Right person at the Right time for the Right amount for the Right project. To accomplish that task requires planning and preparation.  This workshop will discuss the key elements that need to be […]