The Center for Nonprofit Leadership

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership (CNL) is a resource center for organizations and individuals in Nevada County and the Sierra Nevada region of California. Founded in 2003 as a catalyst to strengthen and sustain local nonprofit organizations, CNL focuses on “best practice” workshops, executive leadership seminars, on-site coaching and mentoring, and public advocacy.


The Nonprofit Sustainability Clinic

“Sustainability encompasses both financial sustainability (the ability to generate resources to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the future) and programmatic sustainability (the ability to develop, mature and cycle out programs to be responsive to constituencies over time).” 1 Is it challenging for your organization to answer any of these three questions: What Read More…

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Demystifying Finances

Do you rely on someone ELSE in your organization to understand the financial statements without fully understanding them yourself? Do you wish you were more clear but don’t know want to derail a meeting by asking a question you think you should already know the answer to? Do you wish you had a better understanding Read More…

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CNL Adds New Service to Coaching & Consulting Network

Have you ever wanted to know how your stakeholders perceive your organization? Stakeholders are both internal (staff members, your Board of Directors, and volunteers) and external (donors, community leaders, collaborators, competitors, patrons, media and business sponsors).  They can affect or be affected by your organization’s actions, objectives and policies.Their opinion matters. That’s why CNL is adding Read More…