What’s Your Brand Promise? Building Trust as a Nonprofit

Friday, April 24th -11:00am – 1:30pm

Branding: (a brief definition) The expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service. The communication of its characteristics, values, and attributes which clarify what the particular brand is and is not.

There can’t be any question of whether “brand” is important for a nonprofit – the only question is whether an organization will build and manage their brand intentionally and strategically, or, by contrast, simply leave it to emerge on its own.

In today’s very ‘loud’ world with Social media input and output and the desire from supporters for transparency, it is imperative that nonprofits create brands that make for organizational cohesion and generate trust. 

This CNL workshop will explore a paradigm shift and brand management mindset offered by the best-selling book “The Brand IDbrand ideaEA.” Instead of thinking of the brand as a logo and tagline, the new paradigm understands brand as the embodiment of an organization’s mission and values.

Presenters Leidhra Johnson and Tina Reynolds of Uptown Studios will delve into the framework of the brand IDEA and the three principles it encompasses: brand Integrity, brand Democracy, and brand Affinity.

They will explore ways to develop and manage organizational brand with a strategic approach centered on mission and based on a participatory process, shared values, and the development of key partnerships. 

A brand strategy built in this way, with integrity, will ultimately garner more support – donors, volunteers – and help to build capacity and strengthen impact for the organization. 

This workshop will offer a clear roadmap for identity alignment that is stakeholder-centered and mission driven. Learn how to put this new “Brand Idea” into action and reap the rewards by building a stronger brand that will enhance your organization’s capacity and strengthen impact.


About Our Presenters:


Uptown Studios has been a creative source in Sacramento since 1992 – a Sacramento-based visual communications firm specializing in website design, graphic design, video production and social media management and training.

Tina Reynolds

Tina Reynolds – Owner/Principal, Uptown Studios
Tina has been running her own design firm since 1976. As the community face of Uptown Studios and holder of the “big picture,” Tina brings her extensive design career and experience to each and every project. Tina leads by example, bringing her fiery enthusiasm and eagerness to each project. Tina is always here to remind you to make it “Easy, Fun and Popular!” 

Leidhra Johnson

Leidhra Johnson, Social Media Director, Uptown Studios
Leidhra is the Director of Social media Uptown Studios. Leidhra manages maintenance, analysis, and training, along with our team of social media account reps, for our clients that need assistance. Leidhra utilizes all of her training to keep our clients in the lead when it comes to influence and engagement on social media channels

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