The Center for Nonprofit Leadership (CNL) is a resource center for public benefit organizations in Nevada County and the Sierra Nevada region of California.

Founded in 2003 as a catalyst to strengthen and sustain local nonprofit organizations, CNL focuses on “best practice” workshops, executive seminars, on-site coaching and mentoring, and public advocacy.

Our Mission

CNL strengthens nonprofit organizations in order to advance the quality of community life.

Our Vision

The varied programs and services of the Center for Nonprofit Leadership are enabling its members to fulfill powerful missions, achieve national standards of excellence, provide collaborative leadership in addressing vital community issues, and inspire confidence and support.

Our Purposes

CNL’s mission and vision are being realized through the implementation of five key strategic purposes:

  • EDUCATION: CNL strengthens the performance and accountability of nonprofit organizations through “best practices” workshops and leadership seminars for board members, staff, and volunteers.
  • RESOURCES: CNL serves the nonprofit community through various tools and aids. Ongoing management of our website offers a wide range of electronic services and menu options.
  • COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIPS: CNL engages and supports nonprofit, education, media, and government organizations in collaborating on critical community issues.  This is accomplished through “Best practices” exchanges and affinity group meetings. 
  • MODELS OF EXCELLENCE: CNL provides nonprofit organizations assessment tools to measure and strengthen their performance against recognized national standards of excellence.
  • ADVOCACY: CNL promotes better understanding and knowledge of the public benefit role that nonprofits play in sustaining and advancing our community’s quality of life.