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NEO Hippie Dancing
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Founded:  2008

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NEO empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing New Events and Opportunities in a safe environment that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier community.   

To empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing positive alternative activities.

The Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County – Drug Free Communities Grant, various small grants and fundraising activities

How CNL has helped our organization:
The workshops have been a great help to us as a start up organization by providing valuable information on fundraising other topics.

How our organization has benefitted the community:
NEO has provided thousands of local youth with positive pro-social activities to be involved with, a student a Nevada Union tells the story of how NEO helped him,“Starting age 13 I fell into habits of smoking weed and drinking. At first not much was affected, I maintained school and other obligations pretty well, but after about a year I slipped into more extensive drug use, mainly hallucinogens such as LSD and shrooms. By my freshman year I had started using heavier substances: ecstasy, PCP, cocaine and continued to do so extensively. My school work, physical abilities, and overall productivity deteriorated exponentially, and I had only a slim thought towards stopping, although I recognized the necessity. One summer evening, I was wandering around downtown Grass Valley and stumbled upon the music in the NEO section at the Thursday Night Market. I started meeting people who knew how to have a fun time without getting high or drunk, and it was a new beginning for me. I gradually started associating with the NEO crowd rather than my friends that enjoyed drug use. The NEO section and the downtown music, to be frank, saved my life. I may be a rarity, however I am not one of a kind. I know others that NEO has helped and others that NEO can help.”